How Successful is Mashable’s Zuckerberg Article?

While browsing’s homepage I found myself drawn to many of the articles posted there. One was a link to a video recapping 40,000 years of London’s history within 2.5 minutes and made entirely out of paper. Another was on the way Snapchat is changing the way people are going to be texting in the future. Most seemed interesting to me, but the article that intrigued me the most was entitled, “Why Mark Zuckerberg is the Kind of Dad America Needs Now”, written by Rebecca Ruiz.

What primarily drew me to this article was its placement within the home page. It was presented as an enormous banner across the page, taking up the room of about six average-sized headlines. The banner consisted of a photograph of Zuckerberg and his partner smiling down at their newborn baby, filling the entirety of the the banner. The headline of the article and three smaller, but still important, headlines were tactfully placed so that the faces of these three were uncovered and drew your eye in.

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Who is Amanda Keohane?

My name 11024647_10204653433350445_7426529308522365694_nis Amanda Keohane and, for most of my childhood, I grew up in the woods of Wachusett Mountain in the town of Princeton, MA. After attending Montachusett Regional Vocational Technical High School for Culinary Arts, I realized that my long-time dream of becoming a professional chef was one of the biggest mistakes of my life and switched my entire life plan on its head. Soon, I began looking into film schools. Primarily Emerson College. But, in the end, I found myself moving into the Umass Honors College Dorms on early Fall of 2013 to begin my college career. I was enrolled as a Communication, Journalism, and English major and I was going to do my best to pursue a career in Filmmaking and Writing (primarily, writing for film and TV).

During my years as a college student, I have travelled to Los Angeles and the Cannes Film Festival (in Cannes, France) to participate in the American Pavilion’s student filmmaker programs. While in Cannes I also held an internship for Other Angle Pictures to learn more about the business side of filmmaking. 

I have just returned from a semester in Paris where I studied at the Institut Catholique de Paris, followed by a semester in New York City where I studied at New Jersey City University. While there I was able to experience filmmaking on 16mm film, rather than the digital method we use at Umass – an inspiring experience! While in NYC I held an internship in Manhattan for Bob McAndrews, and award-winning acting coach, as he began pre-production on his latest film. 

In addition to these internships, I have also worked as a Production Assistant on an web series filmed in Northampton, been a writer for Her Campus Umass Amherst, worked as the Lighting Producer and Assistant Director on a student-run Television Series, and one of my research essays was selected for publication in this year’s edition of the Umass Student Anthology.