How You’ve Been Misinformed About What’s Killing Our Planet

Without using any gas, oil or fuel from today forward, we would still exceed the maximum carbon equivalent for greenhouse gas emissions by the year 2030, purely because of our raising of livestock. We are seeing the largest mass extinction in 65 million years and the Rainforest is being cut down at a rate of an acre per second due to the needs fueled by animal agriculture (Cowspiracy).

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A Community Comes Together in the Face of Great Tragedy

Sunday, November 22nd, 2016:

Marianne Belanger was woken up at 11:45pm by a call from one of her friends, and fellow volunteer at the Sweetpea Animal Shelter, informing her that the shelter was on fire. Suddenly filled with fear, she jumped in her car and raced to the shelter as fast as she could.
“Upon arrival,” Belanger said, “I was overwhelmed by the sadness from the other volunteers – at that point five dogs and one cat had been rescued – and so we sat in the boarding kennels, cried and held the survivors in blankets and tried to warm them and sooth them.”


Photo by Amanda Keohane

Belanger had been volunteering for the shelter several times a week since last summer (2015), when she was recruited to help plan the annual “Spooktacular” event. She has been passionate about the non-profit ever since. Continue reading

How a 22 Year-old Made His Blog One of the Most-Viewed Websites in the World

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How was Mashable created? 

Mashable was founded by Pete Cashmore in 2005 as a blog to help keep tabs on all the new services and start-ups being created on the internet at the time – sites like Facebook, YouTube and MySpace.

Before he did this he was dabbling in various entrepreneurial escapades to culture his interest in the online world at the age of 19. When Cashmore was 22 years-old he created Mashable (named after the “mashup” trend at the time, because everything is remixable or aggregatable and, therefore, mashable) and had no idea how big his blog was about to become.

After about nine months he found his first sponsor and within the first year and a half Mashable had become one of the top blogs in the world. By 2009, Mashable was seeing around 5 million visitors each month, which rose to over 12.5 million by 2010. While it was at the time considered a technology blog, it has now become so much more than that – reporting on every topic one might imagine, but without ever getting too serious.

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Some of the Creepiest Places in Massachusetts

1. The Belchertown State School for the Feeble-Minded


Want to start your ghostly adventure off with a bang? Then check out the Belchertown State School. There is an abundance of places to explore on this seemingly endless abandoned property. There is building after building, boarded up and broken down and each one creepier than the one before it.


The school was established in 1922 as a home for mentally disabled children. The conditions were horrific and inhumane, with too many residents to be able to be properly cared for by the overworked employees. Continue reading