How to Know if You’re at a Restaurant in Brooklyn, NY

We’ve all been there. We’re eating at a restaurant, enjoying ourselves and having a delicious meal, when we suddenly forget where we are entirely! Well, the next time this happens to you, look out for these telltale signs in the off chance that you happen to be eating in Brooklyn!

1. The Restaurant Host

Are they wearing a beanie or a fedora? Are their jeans skinny and cuffed? Wearing suspenders and covered in tattoos? Yeah, you’re probably in Brooklyn. 


2. The Menu

Is the menu carved into a plank of wood? Is is written on a piece of a parchment paper? Or maybe there is no menu, it’s just up to whatever was harvested in the back garden that day. If you are given a menu that you aren’t actually sure is a menu, you’re probably in Brooklyn. 


3. The Amount of Kale

Is there kale on every dish? Is it used to create artsy centerpieces? Do you see it used as wall decor? And keep an eye out for a kale tattoo on somebody, because that’s something you often see in Brooklyn. There is even a Kale Factory in Brooklyn. 


4. The Restaurant Decor

If  you are eating inside a renovated shed or garage, if the lamps are recycled wine bottles, if the main decorations are all some sort of over-grown foliage or if, again, it is kale, you are probably eating in a Brooklyn restaurant. 


5. The Portion Size

If you pay $30 for a salad and it is presented as approximately seven pieces of lettuce and half a cherry tomato, you’re definitely eating in Brooklyn. The smaller the portion size, the better it is here!

Get this extremely filling dish at Okonomi, in Brooklyn’s most hipster neighborhood: Williamsburg. This restaurant has a whole 12 seats! 


6. The Presentation

Does the presentation of your meal confuse you? Is is brought to you in a mason jar or on a tree stump with a bird cage? Perhaps it is not even on a plate at all! If your food is brought on a regular, old-fashioned plate, then you are definitely NOT in Brooklyn. 


7. Mason Jars

Keep your eyes peeled for mason jars – they are the tell tale sign of a Brooklyn restaurant! These can be used to serve salad, soup, alcohol, or be used for lighting, decoration and even more! You’d be impressed by how innovative these hipsters can be! 

get these yummy snags at Little Skips in Brooklyn’s Bushwick neighborhood.

8. The Patrons

If you look around at the other people eating where you are, take a look at their clothing, hairstyles and other key signs of a true Brooklyn Hipster. If they look like these guys, you’re probably, definitely in Brooklyn. 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

9. Prices

As mentioned earlier, you are probably going to end up paying more for less. Of course, this makes sense, considering the fact that you are most likely consuming vegan, organic, locally grown, farm-to-table, GMO-free food. To eat the best food costs a pretty penny. 

If you find yourself paying $10 for a coffee, you’re probably in a Brooklyn cafe.


10. The Music

All good restaurants play music overhead for you enjoy while eating your meal. In Brooklyn these musical selections usually consist of artists like The Head and the Heart, Mumford & Sons, Matthew + The Atlas, Florence + The Machine and Ben Howard. 






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